our mission


to create spaces inspired by the rugged beauty of the pacific Northwest.

Arbutus menzeisii, the Pacific Madrona is an iconic tree only found in the Pacific Northwest. It’s hardy trunks jut from the rocky sea cliffs to the foothills of our jagged mountains. It’s dense wood is marbled and shaped by the winter storms, but every spring it bursts forth in bloom. Arbutus strives to embody what this tree represents: rugged durability paired with elegant simplicity, and a unique beauty celebrating the Pacific Northwest.


one stop shop

Forget the headache of juggling multiple sub-contractors, we can handle your project from start to finish. With skilled framers, drywallers, cabinet makers, tile installers and even metal fabricators on our team we can make sure the project gets done.


elegance in simplicity

New tools and materials are changing the way we build every day. A project that seemed out of reach ten years ago could be easily achievable today.

“As a native of the Pacific Northwest, the rain is in my blood. I have traveled this continent from San Diego to Fairbanks, Austin to New York City, and never have I found a landscape that so captivated my aesthetic sense. Towering firs, treacherous shorelines, cascading waterfalls, and endless ridge lines define an almost primordial elegance for which I have never found a parallel.”
— David Stonehouse